A woman getting a message facial.

Facials at Blue Sage Med Spa will make your skin glow! We offer a variety of skin care options to meet your needs. Our experienced and friendly staff is committed to helping you get your best skin. Our chemical peels can help clear, smooth and reduce the appearance of acne. They can also help lighten, brighten and tighten your skin. At Blue Sage Med Spa, our chemical peels offer safe, proven results at an affordable price with little downtime. We offer PCA SKIN chemical peels, customized to your skincare needs and goals. By utilizing the PCA SKIN chemical peel, our staff can help control acne, brighten dull skin and reduce the signs of aging.

At Blue Sage Med Spa, we want to address your skin care needs.

   ◆ We offer a comfortable environment.

   ◆ We are highly trained with over ten years of experience in skin care treatments.

   ◆ We strive to give the best chemical peels in Amarillo and get the best results.

   ◆ Your comfort and safety is our top priority while working to transform your skin.

Our goal is to create noticeable results after just one treatment and better results with a series of treatments. We look forward to helping you get and keep beautiful, healthy, flawless skin.

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