Deloris posing for a portrait.

In 2004, Deloris was working as a licensed cosmetologist. A medical aesthetician friend of hers sold her a package of laser hair removal, and that was all it took. She found her passion! Her friend helped her get hired as a tech. She worked as a tech for 2 years and later got promoted to clinic manager. Approximately 8 years and 3 med spas later, Deloris developed and honed her skills. She found the spa world to be more focused on temporary treatments and sales rather than client-focused, education, and lasting beauty. She promised herself if she ever had the chance to open her own med spa, she would do so.

In 2017 after changing career paths, Deloris decided to chase her dreams again. She got hired at a local med spa but had conflicting views with the owners. After 6 short weeks, she quit and began to put together a plan to open her own space. She wanted to offer treatments that get proven results. Deloris believes fully in taking care of oneself, but she does not believe in pressure sales. She wanted the freedom to practice more therapeutically to help clients experience better and more lasting results. Deloris has created a welcoming environment where everyone feels embraced and leaves feeling better than when they arrived.

Dr. Uy has a primary care clinic, Amarillo I40First Urgent Care (formerly known as Amarillo UFirst Urgent Care). He is fair, trustworthy, and always puts his patients first. He has owned and operated med spa lasers for 4 years while performing injectable services such as Botox and Juvederm. However, patient care is his passion. He oversees laser treatments and does all injectable services for Blue Sage Med Spa Amarillo at his I40First Urgent Care. Proudly I40First Urgent Care is 100% physician-owned, and since its inception, continues its unwavering commitment in helping people address their healthcare needs in a quality, timely, and cost-effective manner. He has been humbled by the tremendous support it has received from the community.

Dr. Uy posing in uniform with a hallway.
Amy the marketing director posing for a selfie.

Amy is the marketing director at Blue Sage Med Spa. She has a carefree spirit and a luminescent smile. She is also Deloris’s sister. Amy has 2 years of experience as a laser technician but loves being involved in marketing. She is very creative and designs ads for Blue Sage Med Spa. She brings a lot of fun to the office.

Kathleen is Deloris’s mom; she does the bookkeeping and manages the front desk. She has been retired for about 3 years and found it to be dull; that is why she volunteers at Blue Sage Med Spa. Deloris loves having her there, and Kathleen is great at making all of our clients feel welcome.

Kathleen posing in front of artwork.
Blue sage med spa logo.
A surgical bed with a light hovering over it.Rustic style desk with a blue chair in front of it.

Blue Sage Med Spa Amarillo, Tx is a locally, female-owned, small business, not a franchise or chain. We are family-oriented, and treat our clients like family as well. The philosophy for Blue Sage Med Spa is to create an environment that is healthy, comfortable, professional, and one that takes care of the clients along with the professionals who work here. Unlike many places that pay an hourly rate, we do booth rent. That way each provider has control over their future. This ensures that you receive great quality treatments from a professional that is in control of their schedule and not overworked. We dedicate our nurturing treatments to promote a healthy, balanced, and relaxed lifestyle to our clients. We provide affordable state of art laser technology and skincare treatments. Blue Sage Med Spa has an atmosphere where you can address your concerns in a professional confidential manner and receive superior laser treatments of non-invasive cosmetic procedures in a relaxing environment. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life, save you time, and money, help make aging easier by preserving your natural beauty, and boost confidence in you. We are results-driven and invest in the safest and most effective laser treatments and skincare protocols. You will find our office comfortable, professional, friendly, highly trained and motivated to help you get the best results possible. Our goal is to help you enjoy being the best version of yourself. We offer several affordable and time-saving procedures such as laser hair removal, skincare facials, injectables like BOTOX and Juvederm, body contouring and more. Visit our services page for detailed descriptions of services. We can’t wait to see you in our beautiful medspa in Amarillo.

Artwork hanging above a rustic desk with blue chair.A machine that is used for blue sage med spa.