Not all chemical peels require you to peel.

Blue Sage professional clinicians customize peels to meet your skin goals. PCA SKIN is designed to meet the specific needs of your skin.  We can tailor your peel to reduce the signs of aging skin or enhance cell regeneration. Applying a PCA SKIN chemical peel can eliminate some fine lines and wrinkles when top layers of damaged skin are removed during the peel process. There are chemical peels that brighten skin by boosting collagen growth. This offers a more even skin tone as well. Chemical peels are excellent solutions for problems like dull skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Depending on the severity of your skin needs, a series of chemical peels could lead to clear, healthy skin.


During a PCA SKIN peel, a solution blended to meet your skin needs is applied to your skin. A layering technique is used to determine the depth of penetration into your skin. First, the clinician will cleanse and prepare your skin.

Next, the peel solution will be applied. More than one layer may be applied, depending on desired results. The layering and customizing of your peel is dependent on the type of peel chosen and your skin goals. During the peel process, it is common to feel itching or slight stinging. The solution is applied and left on your skin. PCA SKIN liquid peel formulations are self-neutralizing. There is no need to remove the solution. After the peel is completed, antioxidants and nutrient-dense topicals are applied. A calming, broad-spectrum SPF product is also applied to your skin. You will leave with glowing, healthy skin. Prior to treatment, be sure to avoid Retinol products for one week. No aspirin on treatment day. Aspirin decreases yours skin’s tolerance of salicylic acid. SPF products are necessary to protect your skin post chemical peel. Be sure to tell your clinician if you are pregnant, lactating or breastfeeding.

   ◆ The Sensi Peel is an excellent choice for higher fitzpatrick skin types and sensitive skin. This peel has a formulation as a unique peeling option for all patients, including rosacea and sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA solution will improve texture and reduce fine lines. It has Kojic Acid which helps promote even skin tone. It also brightens the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. Azelaic Acid helps promote clear skin and an even skin tone. Sensi Peel has 12% Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), naturally found in milk and sugars. It is part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and hydrates skin to ease the effects of rosacea. In addition, it can also reduce the size of pores and eliminate blackheads. The Sensi Peel works well if you have highly sensitive skin, aging skin, or discolored skin.

   ◆ The PCA Peel with Hydroquinone: This peel reduces breakouts, lessens the appearance of hyperpigmentation, and softens wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation consists of dark patches or spots on the skin that cause an uneven appearance. This peel is considered to be an enhanced Jessner’s formula. It consists of 3% Kojic Acid and 2% Hydroquinone. These work to lessen skin discolorations. In addition, the effects of sun damage are reduced by evening out the skin tone. This peel solution also contains 14% Salicylic Acid and a calming lipophilic beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that will promote a clear complexion. This formulation contains 14% Lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), naturally found in milk and sugars. It is part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor. Also included is Citric Acid which is naturally found in citrus fruits.

There are three levels of chemical peels.

1. If it is your first time, a superficial peel is perfect for you. This mild peel will exfoliate your skin, clear pores, and offer a smooth glowing complexion.

2. A medium peel affects not only the surface layer of skin, but under layers as well. Medium peels can even skin pigment, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and correct moderate sun damage.

3. Finally, deep peels penetrate the lower layers of your skin. Deep peels can heal more severe sun damage and deeper scarring. Unlike superficial and medium peels, deep peels require some anesthesia and downtime for recovery. We do not offer deep peels in our office.

At Blue Sage Med Spa, we want to address your skin care needs.

   ◆ We offer a comfortable environment.

   ◆ We are highly trained with over ten years of experience in skin care treatments.

   ◆ We strive to give the best chemical peels in Amarillo and get the best results.

   ◆ Your comfort and safety is our top priority while working to transform your skin.

Our goal is to create noticeable results after just one treatment and better results with a series of treatments. We look forward to helping you get and keep beautiful, healthy, flawless skin.

Contraindications For All PCA Peels:

Accutane: 3 Months Post Your Last Dose Minimum

Retin-A: Discontinue for 7- 10 days prior and post treatment.

Pregnant or Lactating

Allergy to Aspirin | Phenol Allergy

Sunburned or Compromised Skin

Serious medical condition: Heart condition/problem, Immunity disorder, Diabetes etc.

Medications for: Diabetes Type 2, Lupus, Chemo

Recent Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos Applied to Face: Wait 7 Days & Occlude with Vaseline.

Active Cold Sores or Lesions

Active Facial Rash

Rosacea- Will need to be evaluated before hand by our NP.  

Facial Waxing: requires a 72 hour waiting period.

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