BeautiFill machine.

For several years we’ve had clients ask "Can you just suck all this fat out?" and usually they start pulling on their tummy. We understand and have been searching for the best solution to measurably be able to help you look slimmer, feel your best and be attainable without breaking the bank. Now we have a quick solution to permanently get rid of unwanted fat! We are so excited to add BeautiFill fat transfer to our menu. Dr. Uy has received extensive training and can safely perform liposuction and remove up to 2 liters of fat from your body per visit. He can either discard unwanted fat or transfer fat to other areas. Fat transfer is far more natural, more cost effective and longer lasting and we feel like fat transfer will eventually become more popular than typical injected fillers.

What is BeautiFill fat transfer?

BeautiFill fat transfer and liposuction system is a device that only a Dr. with specialty training can perform to safely and effectively perform liposuction and process fat cells that can be transferred into another areas such as face, butt or breast augmentation all in the same day without going under anesthesia. The results from fat transfer look and feel very natural.

What is BeautiFill lipo?

BeautiFill lipo is the first laser based system that can perform liposuction, skin tightening (from within) and fat grafting all in the same day. The body contouring looks natural. The skin tightening helps build up the collagen fibers that get damaged in repeated weight gain and in general weight varying. When you lose weight quickly sometimes the effect is loose skin. BeautiFill laser lipo can tighten the skin that way there isn’t a lot loose skin left. Fat grafting is becoming very popular due to we all have fat in areas we’d like to move to a different location. The technology combines the three treatments into one procedure making it amazingly effective at contouring the body by reducing fat deposits and keeping skin taut.

Is BeautiFill permanent?

Yes, BeautiFill liposuction is permanent. BeautiFill fat transfer is permanent. Skin-tightening will increase collagen and elastin production and last several months.

What are the side effects of fat transfer?

Side effects of fat transfer can include temporary numbness (typically from the lidocaine that is used to numb the area, remember you do not have to go under anesthesia), some bruising and swelling, tiny scars where the instrument enters and loss of fat from the treatment area.

Does BeautiFill hurt?

BeautiFill fat transfer does not hurt. It is a simple procedure done in our office by Dr. Uy. Our clients will not have to go under general anesthesia, meaning your body will not endure side effects from anesthesia. It requires tumescent anesthesia which is combined with a vasoconstrictor. You are alert and can play on your phone or watch TV, while getting your body contoured.

What is BeautiFill procedure?

BeautiFill is considered a surgical procedure for face and body rejuvenation and body contouring. It uses only gold standard fat removal technology and can harvest fat from one area of the body to another area that you want to have more volume.

Is BeautiFill FDA approved?

Yes, BeautiFill is FDA approved. The procedure is considered safe and effective with fat transfer results lasting years longer than injectable fillers

What is laser lipo?

Laser liposuction is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt fat under the skin. For clients that want a less invasive treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite we offer SculpSure treatments.

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