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Naturally, skincare is all about treatments designed to bring about healthy, clear, beautiful skin. Maybe you have never had a facial and are ready to take the first steps in investing in your skin. You deserve to have healthy skin that has a lasting healthy glow. Any esthetician will tell you, it takes truly healthy skin to achieve the radiant glow that everyone is after. Simply utilizing a regimen of facials with a licensed professional can be helpful in you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful skin at any age. We explain the importance of facials like getting your nails or hair done. Why do we do these . . . . We do lots of things to help us look and feel good about ourselves! Don’t leave out your skin! Proper skincare is necessary to achieve and maintain healthy beautiful skin. If you are tired of acne, dull skin and want to slow the aging process, we can help. We will put together a facial plan to put your skin on a path of lasting health and beauty. Our team can help you pick the facial and right regimen of at home care that will help you maintain the beautiful results of glowing skin. Remember, what you do at home is just as important as the facials we do at Blue Sage Med Spa, Amarillo, Tx. We offer several luxurious facials that will help you forget the stress of daily life and slip away in comfort and relaxation all the while getting the beautiful skin you deserve. Most of our clients comment on how refreshed, relaxed and happy they feel after their facial and their spirit and skin seems to glow instantly. EVERYONE SAYS THEY WISHED THEY'D STARTED EARLIER!! HOWEVER, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START INVESTING IN YOU AND YOUR SKINCARE! At Blue Sage Med Spa, Amarillo, Tx all services are provided with the utmost care and you will be our top priority. 


When it comes to your skin, do you want it all . . . . we understand! You deserve the best of the best and we will work to make this facial all about you! This facial includes a custom treatment with options for acne, anti-aging, hydration and brightening! Forget daily stresses and open yourself up to a renewing experience. The ultimate spa facial is great for those who love all the perks, the ultimate facial offers the utmost relaxation experience. The Ultimate spa facial cleanses pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and nourishes your skin and helps get that healthy glow. You will receive all of the signature facial perks plus a dermaplane! When you purchase this facial you will receive a dermaplane first then the signature facial. We do the dermaplane first thereby all the products we use will work better and penetrate deeper into the skin. The dermaplane also removes all the vellus hair (peach fuzz) revealing instantly smoother skin. The ultimate spa facial is relaxing yet still results driven. We will access your skin and all products used will be used to meet your skincare needs specifically. If you are looking for a luxurious experience treat yourself or someone you love to this facial.

Service Time Approximately 90 mins


Definitely an Amarillo favorite facial! Double up on your pampering with this refreshing facial. The signature facial includes all the perks of the mini facial (cleansing pores, exfoliating dead skin cells and nourishing the skin). The added benefits include a paraffin wax hand treatment, steam followed with extractions (if you want), a mask and relaxing facial massage. A signature facial is performed by a licensed professional who will help you relax while rejuvenating your skin in a calm environment. This multi-step process will help relax, balance, rejuvenate and nourish your face and hands making your skin appear restored, refreshed and healthy. 

Service Time Approximately 60 mins


Our mini facial is a popular facial that cleanses the pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and nourishes the skin. If you are new to facials, this is a good introduction. It’s quick and perfect for those on-the-go lifestyles that want to invest in their skin and do not need a lot of correction such as acne treatment or anti-aging. The mini facial treats common skin care concerns such as dry, dull skin and someone looking to change up thier at home care. This facial does not include extractions and is above the covers. 

Service Time Approximately 30 mins


Guys think of a facial as going to the gym or getting your tires rotated (which we may or maynot find annoying but if done regularly our bodies/tires AHEM “skin” will perform/look better and last longer). The men’s facial treats common skin care concerns such as acne, dry dull, aging skin. Every facial will start with a deep and thorough cleansing of your skin. If you want extractions we will steam your face prior to extracting so that the pores opens up and softens deep- down dirt so it can be removed more safely and gently. One of the best ways to cleanse and improve your skin of blackheads is extractions. They can be uncomfortable, so it is your choice whether to get them or not. After extractions you will get a relaxing facial massage or if you do not want extractions double up on facial massage. We prefer freshly shaved skin before a gentleman’s facial. Sometimes your skin can get irritated once exfoliants like acids or enzymes are put on and may have a slight tingle feeling. If you have a lot of stubble or have sensitive skin consider shaving the night before a facial. Too much stubble can trap product and keep it from penetrating (when in doubt please shave the night before).

Service Time Approximately 60 mins

Deep Pore Cleanse $65

You might be asking what does deep pore cleansing mean? A Blue Sage Med Spa deep pore cleanse facial treatment works to remove dirt and debris that can be trapped deep in your pores creating breakouts. Deep pore cleansing does exactly that cleanses deep into the pores, exfoliates and lots of extractions. Deep pore cleansing is followed with a clarifying masque, followed by replenishing gel, to help nourish and support skin with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that will create a natural balance of your skin. Deep pore cleansing facials address a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, control acne, reduce blemishes minimize pores and balance sebum. Deep pore cleansing facial helps reduce the overproduction of oil. After a deep pore cleanse your skin will feel clean, smooth and oil-free. If you have excessive oily skin and are prone to breaking out it is a good idea to get a deep pore cleanse. Monthly deep pore cleansing facials are generally recommended for long lasting results and to control stubborn acne, scarring and blackheads. 

Aproximately 60 mins


This back facial treatment specifically works well on stubborn acne, scarring and blackheads. It is beneficial in cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing a tough-to-reach spot. Back facials address a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. Back facials are particularly popular treatments during the summer or before a planned beach vacation. You come in, relax on our heated bed as your back is deeply cleansed, exfoliated and extractions are also performed. A series of 3-6 back facials are generally recommended for long lasting results.

Service Time Approximately 60 mins.

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